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HI Roberto and Victoria....(non-registered)
Forgive me if I did not get the bride's name correct.....Nicole just sent to me your gallery of pictures. WOW! Just like she said, your wedding was out of sight. Simply Gorgeous. I hardly know where to begin to tell you how beautiful your wedding was but I will begin with the bride and her magnificent gown. And then you, Deacon, on the horse riding in to rescue your lovely bride. I really like the px on the horse where you are giving the "Yes!" sign. The Cake--how splendid. Did it taste as good as it looks? All the bridesmaids were pretty and stunning in their gowns. The lady with the white dress and white house is eyecatching. Tell her she had it going on. And, Roberto, I saved the best for last: Your Mom,. Pat. She was kicking as the kids say. I am going to write and tell her just how regal she looked. Nicole said you, Roberto, were "Clean in your blue suede shoes. I'm just saying....You All Had it Going On! Congratulations to you and your beautiful bride. Thanks for showing everyone how we do it in Kinloch. May God Bless You and Your Bride. Sis. Reid
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